If we could see all this in a day, so can you! Part II

If we could see all this in a day, so can you! Part II

Next we headed to Theodore Roosevelt Island, a place that’s easy to miss because A) the parking lot for it looks like a commuter lot, and B) if you were distracted by traffic or looking at directions it would be simple to pass it by on George Washington Memorial Parkway without a second glance. I wouldn’t recommend missing it though, because it’s really a neat little place to check out. Flanked by fountains and stone pillars stands a monstrous statue of Teddy Roosevelt, whose arms are outstretched in a way that says, “Come in everyone! Have a look around and embrace all you see.” I later discovered that the island memorializes the conservation efforts President Roosevelt spearheaded during his term. With the Arlington skyline to one side, and Washington, D.C. to the other, this small island really does remove you from the city and immerses you in Virginia’s lush natural landscape.  The best part? After you’ve had enough of transcending into nature, you can head back to Arlington’s mainland for more fun in our urban villages. 

We ventured next to the nearby Marine Corps War Memorial, also known as Iwo Jima for its portrayal of the famous WWII battle in Japan. It can be a little tricky to get into the parking area for this, so be sure to plan your route ahead of time and look closely at where the access road is. As we walked towards the statue, we crossed paths with an older gentleman walking a fluffy Pomeranian. We asked if he had served in the military, and he told us about his experience as a flyboy during WWII, and how he likes to visit all the memorials regularly. Meeting him opened my eyes to how important this memorial really is to those who served. As we neared the statue, I was surprised to see how populated the site was at midday on a Thursday. I quickly observed that the majority of onlookers were German tourists. How amazing it was to realize that even though this memorial portrays a time when Germany and America were so at odds with each other, people from both cultures can stand together today to admire and appreciate it.

In continuing with our military trend, we hit up the United States Air Force Memorial and the Pentagon Memorial next…tune in to our next post to hear about that! To see our favorite photos from the excursion, visit the Virginia state website.

Written by Cat Miller, Management Intern

Posted by Courtney Cacatian on January 27, 2012 | Permalink

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