If we could see all this in a day, so can you! Part IV

If we could see all this in a day, so can you! Part IV

Brent and I headed to 23rd Street in Crystal City for the next leg of our grand tour. Here I found an eclectic street of restaurants and shops bustling as the lunch crowd from nearby office buildings started to roll through. From the Tortoise & Hare Bar and Grille (which features local bands every weekend), to the skewed polygonal shaped Cesar’s Diner (open 24-hours Friday-Sunday), to the flamboyant Freddie’s Beach Bar & Restaurant, this street is ideal for a crowd that can’t make up its mind about where to eat, because it simply has everything. With Italian, Thai, Greek and American cuisine represented in a three block radius, this definitely qualifies as the official melting pot of Arlington. The best part? It’s all within walking distance from the Crystal City Metro.

As difficult as it was hard to pull away from the excitement of 23rd St., adventure (and fading daylight) beckoned us to continue. The urban village of Rosslyn  is like a concrete forest, a place very much alive, sustained by large buildings that loom overhead and working men and women who briskly pass by on their way to future appointments. The city landscape is brightened by sporadically placed artistic features. From a chrome arrow sculpture, to mammoth dancing figures, to free standing concrete spheres, the public art here is truly eye-catching. Nestled in the middle of it all is a space-like white dome. This is Dome Theatre inside Artisphere, host to world-renowned art exhibits, community art programs, live performances, and galas. It’s a stop that absolutely must be added to your itinerary.

As the sun faded away, we knew it was time to venture to one last location. The neon lights of Clarendon drew us in. The blend of residential and professional spaces found here make it the perfect happy hour hotspot. Hop off the Clarendon Metro stop, and you’re within a block of marvelous venues like Liberty Tavern, Clarendon Ballroom, and Whitlow’s on Wilson. With diverse crowds from college students to professionals, Clarendon is a place to relax, let your hair down, and enjoy the night.

Written by Cat Miller, Management Intern.

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